I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest, born and raised in Arlington. As a young man I served in the Army, graduated college from Central Washington University and have worked in sales, marketing, advertising and property management. I excel at meeting people where they are at in their lives and helping them find creative solutions to difficult situations. I understand how life changing it is to buy or sell a home and desire to help you make it both memorable and enjoyable; I will be working hard to make your experience easier by helping you base your decisions on facts, not guess work. Not only is your house one of your largest financial investments, it is an important emotional investment as well. As a veteran I understand what is to work with integrity and passion in helping others, giving it everything you got in every situation. Please give me a call, I'd love to talk to you, I promise to be attentive and help you any way I can to make your transaction as smooth, stress-free and rewarding as possible.